Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tracy & Peter: Portland Wedding

The great thing about being a wedding photographer is to be able experiencing different cultures and customs.

Tracy and Peter had a traditional Chinese wedding, but added a little TaiShan custom in it. It was like every other Chinese wedding, the bride dressed up with the red Chinese-style unlined garment, kneed down with the groom, poured tea to the elders in their family and the elders gave back red pockets and jewelries in return.
In TaiShan, the rice dumpling soup in the wedding is part of the tradition, they believe it will bring fortune to their marriage. Tracy and Peter were very hospitable, they served me some dumpling during the tea ceremony. It was my first time to try the TaiShan dumpling soup, and it was pretty good.

I was fully charged after a bowl of yummy rice dumpling soup, that giving me more energy to continue my long day with the couple.

Here are some pictures of their wedding day: