Sunday, November 21, 2010

Katie and Warren, St. John’s Bridge

Welcome to Portland, Oregon, Katie and Warren! This couple just moves here from a warmer and bigger city--Orlando, Florida. Welcome!

When the couple contact me for their engagement pictures, they were kind of worry about the weather, they would like to do it outdoor, however it doesn’t seem like we will get any sunshine in these couple weeks.

Where can I find a beautiful place for outdoor pictures without getting wet? St. John’s Bridge is the first thing come to my mind. I remember my first time to the St. John’s was at night with a friend, when I first saw the bridge; I fell in love with it. Even though I went there for so many times, I m still attracted by its magnificent design, the beauty stays no matter day or night, sunny or rainy day. That’s why the St. John’s Bridge is a popular place for engagement and wedding picture.

Katie and Warren have known each other for 9 years; they are best friend and also a caring lover to each other. Although I only know them for 2 hours, I can totally feel the love and caring between them.

I think this is not easy to find the right person in your life, if you have found one, don’t let them go easily. Cherish the love.

I would like to give my best wishes to the couple. Again, congratulation, Katie and Warren, it was my pleasure to work with you two. Here are some pictures:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Never get tired of learning

The sky has no limit, especially in art. As an artist, you have to keep your mind fresh all the time. Learning is the best way to improve.
I think I m quite sensitive with the light, I know I do fine, but there are so many different way to do lighting, lot of techniques to learn, if you got it just right, you will create some amazing pictures. As I always think lighting is the main key in photography, it makes a big different in a picture, create different moods, tell different stories.
Here are some snapshot at my pro lighting class with Alan M Thornton. We got so many thing to learn, but too little time. The workshop was great, I learned a lot, enjoyed the great time. Everyone in this class have great attitude, lots of energy..AND.. we all love coffee!!  :) 

It was nice meeting them all. 

PS: Alan's work is very inspiring, I like them a lot.  

Models: Iris Dyrhaug, Jason Jelen, Emily Anderson

Friday, November 12, 2010

Food Work Talk

Working on a new project with mio sushi, I m all excited. Working with great people, enjoying good food, laughing, eating, talking, how could I complain?
Here are some snap shots of the day, I can’t tell you much now, but follow my blog, you will know. =)
Sharing the good food with a great company, make your meal taste even more delicious!