Friday, October 12, 2012

Julie & Terry

Let's do the count down with Julie and Terry!!! Less than 2 days! Julie and Terry will move one big step forward and become the Mr and Mrs.
Back to few months ago, when I met up with the couple and talked about their engagement pictures, we came up with too many ideas and not sure where to start. Eventually we picked the beautiful lavender farm in Hood River to start with (Hood River Lavender), a city where Julie was born. The purple just work great with their wedding theme color! And...we got Yoshi to join us in the photo shoot too :) Here are some sneak peek of their engagement pictures, for those friends and will be able to see more at their big day! So... stay tune! :)
Let's give the best wishes to the couple. Congratulation! Julie and Terry!

One last thing I want to say! I really like the idea that Julie & Terry made their own nike shoes to remember their wedding day! Love the color combination, and it looks very cute on them!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jessie & Thanh

Every love story begins somewhere. Theirs? Began in a coffee shop...
This is one fun sweet photo session with Jessie and Thanh. No artificial. They are naturally SWEET! We went to a few places in Portland for our photo session, coffee shop, ice-cream place, waterfront, Saturday market! It was so much fun working and hanging out with this couple!
On this Saturday, this couple is one step closer to their new journey! Congratulations!! Their wedding big day is just around the corner! I m very excited and feel honored to be their photographer on the wedding day! And here are some of their sweet moments I would like to share with you all. Hope you enjoy it!

Again! Congratulation! Jessie and Thanh, I m looking forward to your big day!
And thank you for the cool moon handmade ice-cream! It makes my work a lot sweeter!!

The ice-cream was sooo good, I couldn't resist...I had to have it even when I was working :P

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Devonation Fall/Winter Collection (motion editoral)

Devon Yan Berrong's 2012 Fall/Winter Collection - also named as "The Underground貴人搖滾". Got the taste of Rock n' Roll, but you can also taste the aloofness and mysterious. I m completely in love with this collection. Another work with Devon Yan Berrong, with models Ari DiMatteo, Alex Thomas, Tyson Strotz, Tyler Schneider. Makeup artisit, Nikki Schipper and hair was designed by Kellen Eason. Photographed/Filmed by me.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Through the Eyes of Street Youth."

"Through the Eyes of Street Youth."

 I haven’t updated my blog for a while; it was not because I don't have new work to post, I was just trying to find my direction, trying out something else and set some new goals for myself. No matter what the new goals are, it won’t stop my passion in doing art and photography.
Besides hiding behind the camera and work on my computer every day, I also enjoy being an audience and go see how other artists do their works. In the last couple weeks, I met a few talented artists in town, I can’t compare, and they inspired me in so many ways, not only their incredible talents, but also their great personality as well.
One of the significant event I participated this week should be the “Transitional Youth’s Annual Banquet”.  Featuring a series edition prints from the “Through the Eyes of Street Youth.” photo documentary project. This artwork, shot by Portland’s street youth in collaboration with local photographers, chronicles daily life for homeless and at-risk youth in Portland. These photographers did such a great job by telling these stories through their lens. These pictures are not those head shots in the studio. The photographers actually spend time with the homeless youth, to know them, to be their friends, capture the moment, and capture the story.  
You may go to their website: or their facebook page to check out the photos and more info about the organization.

Special thanks to Joanne Criscione, who invited me to this wonderful event. Joanne, you have such a big heart!  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Devonation 2012 Spring/ Summer Collection

Designer/Video Editing: Devon Yan Berrong
Photographer/filming: Choi Yee Wong
Makeup: Nikole Alexandria Schipper
Hair: Kellen Eason
Models: Alex Thomas, Ari DiMatteo
Assistant: Chun Tao Kwan

Devonation's first motion editorial fashion shoot in Seattle. We did this photo shoot while ago, however, we just need to wait the right timing to post the video and pictures. Finally, I got a chance to show off these new images with you all :)

Here we go, our beautiful models Alex and Ari wearing the 2012 Devonation Spring & Summer Collection. "You are so beau-tiful....." Hope you enjoy this.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jin Jin and Doan

Here is my last year wedding photo shoot with Jin Jin and Doan. I m so glad to know this amazing couple. It was my honor to be their photographer on their wedding day.

In the brand new year, I would like to share these sweet moments with all of you. I m here to wish everyone has a sweet 2012, and I m looking forward to have more couples in my wedding collection this year ;)

Makeup: Nadia Kingston
Hair: Kellen Eason

Here are some pictures from their wedding day :)

A New Year. A New Start.

Happy New Year Everyone! ;-)

I haven't gotten a chance to update my blog in the past 2 months, too many things going on keep me busy enough. But photography is my passion, no matter how windy the road is, I will never give up my passion and my dream.

In the past year, I see myself improved a lot. The 2011 IPA honorable mention give me a big recognition, this encouragement give me more confident in what I m doing. I won't expect everyone will like me and my work, but I will try my best to improve everyday and hopefully I can get more recognition one day.

From the past years, I had experienced with lots of things. I have to thank all my clients giving me this opportunity to be part of your projects and weddings. I can't build up my portfolio without your support.

A new year has begun. I know this gonna be a great Dragon year! And I m looking forward to get more bookings this year. :)

Shooting for Devon Yan Berrong 's new collection in Seattle, you will see some final pieces in the coming Spring :) Don't miss!!