Tuesday, September 28, 2010

360 upside down

When I seemed content and happy with my status, things can turn upside down in just one week, how quickly is that?  It is really hard for me to believe and accept what is happening. I feel like someone just punched me hard in the face.....I feel very disappointed....very.......my heart is bleeding.......
I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me. Cross my fingers. Please let me get it through quickly. Please.

My world is raining.

Always wanna to do a picture of the Morrison bridge, but never make it happen. Finally, I did it. I m glad to have the LX3 with me. Not a perfect one tho.

It was a quiet night for me, walking along the sideways bought up some memories. Happy and sad. Life go up and down quickly, you can't really predict what will happen next.

But...time will tell.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mio Sushi

I won't say I m a super good cook, I guess I do fine. I may not make everything taste delicious, but I think can make the delicious food LOOK delicious. :)
It is my pleasure to work with Mio sushi again, the new pictures will be used in their up coming 2011 calendar.
What is your favorite dishes? Sushi Pizza is my favorite so far :)

PS: If you get a chance to see the Mio sushi 's van driving around in the Portland area,  you will see my pictures on the Van. :)