Sunday, October 16, 2011

"To Sacrifice Is To Love" is coming up on this Thursday Oct 20th

"To Sacrifice Is To Love" is finally here, this Thursday (Oct 20) at theSLATE - 2001 NW 19th Ave Portland, OR 97209

Two months ago, I started this project with Devon, we didn't plan for the art show at the beginning, we just wanted to create some artistic pictures which can reveal the concept of his 2011 Madame Butterfly collection.

Perhaps, Devon and I are both from Hong Kong, we have similar cultures background and perspective in Art, we connected right away. We kept throwing ideas back and forward and finally we came up our photo shoot theme "To Sacrifice Is To Love".

Our amazing models, Gabrielle Jones and Tyler Schneider totally nailed the "Dying in the water" scene, they were posing in such a small family pool setting I created. They soaped in the water with Devon's garments, but they never complain a word. And of course a big clap for our makeup artist Nikole Alexandria Schipper, she did a wonderful job on the makeup, I don't have to retouch anything on their faces.

Devon and I were both very happy with the first photo shoot we did, which make us itchy to create another one.

For the second shoot, we took place at Lotus Antique Store on NW 22nd and Quimby St, thank you for our dear friend - John, the owner of Lotus, letting us to use the space for the photo shoot, and Mike for helping us with the setting. Surrounding with all these beautiful antiques and furniture, it is hard to not making nice pictures.

Devon's garments blend in with the setting very well, it seems like we flew back to the old days in China. We have the same team again, but add in with another beautiful model, Iris Dyrhaug and my awesome hair stylist Kellon Eason. They never disappointed me.

After each photo shoot, we wanted to create more and more. For the third part, we want to do a love story between two different cultures. And this time, I invited my dear friend Kristi Sakura, my beautiful Asian model and a young new artist and model Steven Teegardin for our main characters in the shoot. Also I had Nadia Kingston, my dear friend, who is also a wonderful makeup artist to do the makeup for this session.Everyone did a wonderful job. However, I felt really bad to make them wear so many layers in such a warm weather, and stayed till 2am for the night. Thank you for my friend Eddie and Republic Cafe to let us use their space for the shoot.

For our last shoot, we have our handsome model Jonathan Jackson, our awesome Olivia Chouinard-Long, and my pretty Chinese doll, Katie Deng Koyama to close our last shoot for "To Sacrifice Is To Love." Thank you Gabrielle for letting us to use the roof top, Nikki and Kellon again for the beautiful makeup and hair.We all stayed up till 2am for the shoot, but I had a a great time.

Devon and I would like to thank you all for donating your time in this photo shoot, and make all the art pieces come alive. And finally, I have to give my big thanks to Jia Hau Jang (Jay) for taking all the behind the scene videos, making the awesome trailer and our photo slide show. You will be impressed with the video that he made for us (which will play on this Thursday at our event).

Please come this Thursday to see the whole collection of "To Sacrifice Is To Love" photo shoot, and don't miss the chance to see Devon's new collection "Modern Butterfly." before he moves to Seattle.
All the beautiful models will show up on the runway with this beautiful collection.

For more details, please check:

Event Date: October 20, 2011 @ 6:30pm ( Show starts at 8pm )
Location: theSLATE - 2001 NW 19th Ave Portland, OR 97209 ( Direction )
Ticket: $10 (available at the doors)

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